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Sustainability at Ethos

Ethos constantly strives to reduce the environmental and climate impact of its activities and to meet the highest standards of corporate governance and social responsibility. More information

This applies in particular to its investment activities, which have a significant impact, but also to its own operational activities.

In the interests of transparency and exemplarity, Ethos publishes an annual sustainability and climate report detailing its approach and the measures taken over the past year to reduce the environmental and climate footprint of its activities. In 2022, Ethos also adopted a climate strategy that should enable it to achieve its goal of zero net CO2 emissions by 2050 at the latest.

Finally, Ethos publishes the sustainability reports of several of the investment funds it offers to its clients. These reports detail the sustainability performance of the funds concerned as well as the active shareholding activities carried out during the year under review.

  • Governance and Sustainability Report 2022 (in French or German)
  • Sustainability Report 2022 of the "Clartan Ethos ESG Europe Smalle & Mid Cap" Fund (in French or German)
  • Sustainability Report 2022 of the "Ethos Swiss Sustainable Equities" fund (in French or German)
  • Sustainability Report 2022 of the "Ethos - Equities Indexed CH Corporate Governance" fund (in French or German)
  • Sustainability Report 2022 of the "Vontobel - Ethos Equities Swiss Mid&Small" fund (in French or German)
  • Sustainability Report 2022 of the "Ethos Sustainable World Ex CH" fund (in French or German)

Ethos’ sustainability indices

Ethos offers two sustainability-focused indices, respectively in Swiss and world equities. These indices capitalise on Ethos’ 25 years of experience in environmental, social and governance (ESG) analysis.

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Ethos Swiss Corporate Governance Index (ESCGI): Sustainability index for Swiss equities

The Ethos Swiss Corporate Governance Index measures the performance of SPI components under the constraint of Corporate Governance best practice. Ethos’ « Eight SRI principles » is the reference for calculating the weighting of companies included in the « Swiss Performance Index (SPI) ». Moreover, the ESCGI index is calculated by SIX Swiss Exchange, which allows Ethos to benefit from the best competencies in the construction of indexes for Swiss equities.

Ethos Index on MSCI World: Sustainability index for world equities

The Ethos Index on MSCI World is offered in collaboration with MSCI and excludes from the traditional index companies where more than 5% of global turnover is realised through activities excluded according to Ethos’ « Eight SRI principles » (principles 2 and 3). These exclusions cover approximately 10% of the traditional index.

Special focus on general meetings

Ethos provides analyses of all items of shareholder meeting agendas of Swiss listed companies. Investors can subscribe to the proxy analyses services, which include access to Ethos' online platform. For the shareholder meetings of Swiss listed companies, Ethos publishes its voting recommendations on its web page 2 working days prior to the date of the general meeting.

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Ethos’ reports include a detailed analysis of each item on the agenda and voting recommendations based on Ethos' Corporate Governance Principles and Proxy Voting Guidelines. Also, the analyses include general information on each company, in particular its Board of Directors and Executive remuneration. The analyses are sent to clients by e-mail, generally at least twelve days prior to the General Meetings. A comprehensive quarterly report provides a summary of all items voted.